HSE Management

Environmental Impact

Directing and working with subject specialists and organisations e.g. the Water Research Centre, we are helping companies to identify, manage and reduce their emissions to air, water and land, so that local, national and international quality limits and objectives may be met at all times. This can entail detailed scenario and source term development, impact modelling, and determination of waste streams, in addition to recommendation of approprate mitigating and abatement measures.

Eco-toxins and Dangerous Substances

In-house systems allow rapid confirmation of eco-toxin status, chemical classifications, and the legal requirements that are applicable to dangerous goods transport, declarations in material safety data sheets, chemicals hazard information and packaging (CHIP), and notifications in the European and International markets. References utilise up-to-date European Chemicals Agency listings (http://echa.europa.eu), and full support is provided to assist with internal capacity-development in this field.

Health Surveillance and Risk Issues

Legal obligations exist for many employers in most jurisdictions to carry out health surveillance, address risk issues, consult with staff, and deal with physical, chemical and biological agents in the workplace. Client work in this area is carried out with the assistance of local research organisations and health providers, e.g. the Health and Safety Laboratory in the UK. Support is provided on duties and liabilities, and on practical steps to mitigate consequences.

Fire Safety and Specialist Matters

Health, safety and environmental management (HSE) extends to considerations of fire risk, chemical-use licensing, disease control, and nuisance. Information and guidance is provided on local, national and international legal requirements, documentation, and curent best regulatory practice. Where appropriate, expertise is drawn from sub-contracted specialists in a project team approach directed to technical and scientific investigation, and determination of appropriate reasonable measures.