Our Research and Development

R & D Criteria

Cardinal provides complete, reliable, consolidated and navigable EHS law text, text summaries in layman's terms, and quality guidance on implications, in different languages, with the facility for pre-selection on the Internet on the basis of relevance. R&D underpins and furthers these services, and involves 3 key areas of innovation:

  • E-commerce
  • Knowledge Management
  • Environmental Portals

R & D Innovation Status

Cardinal's DELIS Project complies with the UK Government's guidelines for R&D tax credits - it falls within the category of activity that is a 'project that seeks (has sought) to achieve an advance in science or technology' (per the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry guidelines dated 5 March 2004), and results in a new and appreciably improved service and product line with its own market on a worldwide scale. In addition, the project qualifies for UK Government DTI Innovation Grant funding.

The DELIS* Legislation Information Project

The DELIS* (direct enquiry law information system) Project was established in 2002 and is the current governing R&D project. This Project realises a complete library (database) of the multi-language law test of international and European laws and the national and local laws of 200 jurisdictions worldwide, as well as the associated detailed practical activity-specific text. It also puts in place the technology to make this information available to users at affordable prices via client internet systems.

The DELIS* Phases

Phase I - Database Development User navigation
Phase II - Internet Hosting Secure Information Access
Phase III - Scaling Technical Apprenticeships

Specified tasks in all Phases were completed in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
The DELIS Project is on-going.

DELIS* (direct enquiry law information system)